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“We can reach 70% of our potential alone, but to excel beyond that requires a mentor or a coach.”

Charlotte Thornton, former West End Actor.


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Why I love my job so much

“Charlotte’s background, as an actor of vast experience, agent and coach, place her in a unique position to give valuable advice to all actors, irrespective of experience. I find her down-to-earth, plain speaking and reassuring attitude empowers you to set goals that you may not even have thought of before, as well as providing a structure where those goals are in bite-sized chunks and totally achievable. I would highly recommend actors book a session with her to get a personal holistic approach to all aspects of the business.”

Sidney Cole


"I felt very lost at the beginning of the year so I contacted Charlotte to see how she might be able to help me. I was not disappointed! She helped me to focus my energy into actions that helped me progress my career and after only a few sessions, I booked my first TV job. She also helped me work the wider skills when it came to organising my time and working through difficult situations, which has gone a long way to improve my non-acting working life. Charlotte is able to offer tailored advice in a very personable way - I can't recommend her enough!!"


Alexander Nair

“My coaching sessions with Charlotte not only offer me guidance and ideas for my career, but the support and encouragement is a real boost too. There’s nothing more empowering in this industry, than having someone on your team, who has been there and wants you to succeed. I highly recommend her.”

Constance Lamb

“Charlotte is a really warm and understanding mentor with lots of insight and ideas on how to navigate the ups and downs of acting life. I find it very easy to connect with Charlotte, because she uses humour and storytelling so well. This means everything is easier to learn and remember, so I can get more out of the sessions. It’s great to have the outside perspective and the advice, but also for it to be fun.”





If you’ve just finished your drama degree or graduated from drama school I can help you clarify the next steps to take, what goals you want to achieve and how to get there. If you haven’t got representation we can look at how to maximise the chances of getting an agent and how to get work without one.


Career Turbo Boost

If you’ve had a certain level of success but then work has dried up, you’ve hit a plateau or maybe you’re just not getting the work you want. I can re-assess your current marketing tools, and your marketing strategy to ensure the work you are putting into your career is taking you where you want to go.


Back to the Boards

If you’ve taken a career break for personal or family reasons, come and talk to me about how we can get you to hit the ground running. Times have changed in the workplace from the introduction of new media which affects our marketing strategy and our marketing tools.

Why Mentoring?

Acting is one of the most competitive career fields you can enter in to. Being talented isn’t enough, you have to make yourself known and you have to keep focused through some tough times. You can leave it all to chance and hope that your marketing is good enough and that you’ll keep focused or you can get someone on your team, someone who has already been there.

The Mentoring Packages

The start of your mentoring journey is to have a face to face consultancy session with me in London. This is essentially a double session to gain a 360 degree overview of your career so far, get clear on your goals and create the strategy to achieve them.

I will have assessed you reel, resume and headshots beforehand and will feedback on these and your brand when we meet. Having a career review is very powerful and you can take it as a stand alone session, but further sessions are advised to create accountability and tackle on going issues from mindset and beliefs to representation and audition success.

Single sessions are between £80 and £95 depending on your chosen package. The longer packages are more economical per session to encourage on-going development. We cannot see outside ourselves and our emotional attachment can also cloud our view. In an industry full of rejection ongoing support, encouragement and guidance is essential.

Each package will be bespoke to you and where you are in your career, and we can flex around your acting schedule.

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