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Time and Money, have we got it the wrong way around?

Allow me to tell you a little story from my childhood. This does relate to your acting career - bear with me..... Get me out of here! One year, on holiday with my family, my dad bought tickets for an evening boat trip. We boarded the boat, but a quick look around...

Great (agent) Expectations

Great Agent ExpectationsAre you expecting too much from your agent?A regular issue I hear from my clients is that they are unhappy with their agent. It seems to them that their agent isn’t doing enough. When we aren’t getting through the door we blame the...

Six Tips on Getting Ahead in Acting

It’s only through failing that we learn, apparently, so taking 11 years til I made my West End Debut taught me a lot! Here’s some tips I think are useful, but as per tip 3 and 6 ultimately you have to find what works for you.
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How to learn lines

I am blessed with a very good memory (til old age and gin steals it from me) so I thought I would share with you some tips for learning lines in case it helps you learn whatever you need to do whether you are an actor or not.

My first paid acting job

For my first year out of drama school I decided to learn as much as possible by saying ‘yes’ to as much work as possible. And so it came to pass that my first (and second) job out of drama school was a tour of old peoples’ homes.
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Do You Dig It? Digs that is.

Many civillians think actors are put up in hotels on tour. The reality is very different. I’ve never been to a hotel where I’ve been so cold I’ve had to sleep in my clothes!

Rollercoaster of Moods

We’re half way through our rehearsal period and the show has taken enough shape now to see how much or how little we have to do, yet not enough shape to have the safety and solidity we’ll have once the show is up and running. It’s an in-between time, and it can be really emotional.

‘Laddin I am Your Mother

After a year of little theatre and, whilst I am appreciative of the ad campaigns that have kept me afloat, it is wonderful to return to text, and even more excitingly, to song. As the monks say – we don’t sing because we’re happy, we’re happy because we sing.