“Informative and enjoyable… this book is guaranteed to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to a career in acting” On Stage Blog

Talent isn’t Enough is a guide book for actors who want to increase their chances in a competitive and often unfair industry. Using stories from my own career, I will demonstrate how actors can better play the cards they’ve been dealt.

With a 360 degree of the industry, and having fulfilled my dream of performing on the West End, I share lessons from my successes, but also the lessons from my failures. The industry won’t be less competitive, but you will be ahead of your competition.

Don’t leave it to fate or to your agent, get Talent isn’t Enough and take charge of your career.

Informative and enjoyable…this book is guaranteed to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to a career in acting

On Stage Blog

Just the title alone resonated with me from the off. A brilliant, honest and spot on book that focuses on getting the right mind set for the toughest industry there is. You can take classes and workshops galore and in those rare jobs shine shine shine but the reality is that even the most talented give in. Charlotte’s sentiment is you have the power to not let that be you! This book is your career coach. After reading this I’m certainly 100% more focused and determined than ever before. I hold my head up high. I’ve nothing to apologise for but to let my talent shine! MASSIVELY RECOMMENDED

Rachel Beach


After reading Charlotte’s book I was compelled to book a 1-2-1 session with her and she didn’t disappoint. I left refocused and reinsured about my career, and shortly had a new agent to boot

Karen French


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These are the books I recommend and that are quoted or referenced in my book, Talent Isn’t Enough. Click on the images to purchase them at Amazon.

Acting and Creativity

A fantastic book on the business side of acting.

A wonderful book to nurture your creative side so you can express yourself whether you get work or not. It includes great ideas on handling the rollercoaster of emotions and keeping in touch with your playful inner child.

The book written by my LA coach on getting ahead in acting.

Power of Thought and Belief

A book on how to create powerful affirmations and visualisations.

The book or film (on Netflix), covers the stories of those who have manifested their desires using their imagination and emotional energy.

Neuroscientist Dr Joe demonstrates how the power of ‘what we think’ can cure us or make us sick. If it can do that, he argues, what else can our thoughts do.

Personal Development and Achieving Success

The classic, timeless and all round personal development book, a must read for everyone!

When does the trickle become the flood? This is what we need to know when we’re building our careers. At tipping point the game changes, learn how it occurs.

Fantastic book for goal achievement. How the daily, small steps bring huge successes and growth.

Shawn shows that happiness is the precursor to success not the other way around.

Another short, but motivational book for creatives on overcoming the part of us that wants to stay safe and play small.

A book about out major blocks – vulnerability, fear and shame – and how to overcome them.

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