Described as the actor’s equivalent of Tony Robbins, Charlotte uses stories from her own success journey coupled with key coaching techniques (and humour) to help you create the winner’s mindset.

Event – Get Turbo Charged for 2019

Cockpit Theatre on Thursday January 10th 6.30 – 7.30pm

Together with Mixing Networks, I will be delivering a talk to help you get ready to move on from 2018 and burst into 2019 with vigour, enthusiasm and – more importantly – a plan for success.

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Event – Get Turbo Charged for 2019

Town Hall Hotel, London E2 9NF, on Tuesday 27th November at 6.30pm

Together with Casting Days, I will be delivering a talk to help you get ready to move on from 2018 and burst into 2019 with vigour, enthusiasm and – more importantly – a plan for success.

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Event – Surviving Actors Expo

The Raddison Blu Portman Hotel, London on Saturday February 9th, 2019

At the 2019 Expo, I shall be delivering a powerful seminar called: Conquering the Enemy Within

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Event – Confidence for Actors

Date: Tuesday 2nd October
Time: 5.45-6.45pm
Location: Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone

In this powerful seminar, I will teach you how you can be more confident, feel more confident and fake confidence even when you’re nervous or afraid.

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Event – I Say Be Marmite

Date: June 2018

Ok, so I am having a little rant in this video! The context is that an actress has just asked me what she can do, because a casting director has told her she doesn’t have the right look!

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Event – JUICED – June 2018

Date: June 13 2018

Juiced June will look at Conquering the Enemy Within, looking at how we are in our own way, in such a big way. Yet, this is an area over which we could have more control, if only we knew how…
Stop blocking your own success and get re-inspired with positivity and self-belief.

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“I met Charlotte after one of her “Talent is not enough” talks. I approached Charlotte for coaching to help me get an agent to represent me as a director. Charlotte has been a fantastic coach helping me to get my portfolio in order and help me build strategies to present myself to agencies and market myself openly as a director. Charlotte has really helped me focus on what is important and what to prioritise. If you are looking for a coach to boost your creative career, I highly recommend Charlotte’s coaching services.”

Chris Carr


“Charlotte is an inspiring, vibrant and motivational mentor. She’s extremely clued-up on the industry from her experience as both an actor and an agent. Therefore, she was able to give specific advice tailored to suit my needs. I left our first meeting feeling excited and eager to put our plans into action.”

Natalie Ann Boyd


“As a younger actor meeting with Charlotte was so valuable. I got clear on my casting type, what photos to use and how to move forward. Having another actor, who has been there before me, teach me about the industry and how to get ahead, was fantastic. I felt supported and anytime I asked her for help, she was there.”

July Ates


Book Charlotte as a Speaker

As a former West End actor and stand-up comedian, I deliver powerful, informative and entertaining seminars. Using the power of storytelling and humour I connect and engage with audiences to inspire and motivate.
Whether you have a conference, event or a team meeting, my talk will address your specific needs and the topic can be tailored accordingly.
Topics include all personal development themes including but not limited to:


  • How to be motivated
  • Cultivating confidence
  • Building resilience
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Mastering success strategies
  • Reconnecting with your creativity and imagination