Arriving at the industry whole

Bring your talent into the room, not your baggage…

One of the biggest causes of despair and upset for actors is due to needing the industry to make us whole. If we are not careful we seek validation because we aren’t sure if we are good enough. We ask the industry to fulfil our needs, and when it doesn’t (and it usually doesn’t) we can feel crushed. As the likelihood of success appears to diminish our need for it increases creating a viscous loop. How do we stop the negative cycle that is about pain and get back to the joy of being an artist? This seminar aim to help you move from victimhood to empowerment in acting and in life.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to arrive at the industry whole, grounded and needing nothing
  • How to take responsibility for your needs, what does that look like
  • The two human states and where to be for peak performance (and happiness)
  • Self validation and self love – how to love yourself (when you don’t ‘feel’ it!)
  • How to manage your expectations accurately
  • The power of letting go and how to do it
  • Acceptance of reality
  • Building and maintaining emotional resilience in a tough (the toughest?) career

Thursday 16th January 2020, 12-2pm

Flux Gym for Actors

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