Mastering the Audition Mindset

This seminar will teach a way to master the entire audition process from getting the audition, to waiting to hear. How can actors ensure that they leverage each audition for their career (not just the job), and protect themselves from negative thinking and nerves before, during and afterwards. This workshop will teach techniques to ensure auditions don’t deplete the actors’ confidence and self-belief, but build on it. Giving them techniques to get ‘in the zone’ and to perform at their best, as well as some tips and tricks for handling everything from the research, to the interview, to the redirect and post audition analysis. As actors we are always auditioning, on set, on stage and in casting director workshops. Improve your ability to function under pressure.

You will learn:

  • How to get in the zone using body, mind and your imagination to create the peak state
  • How to handle stress and internal pressure
  • A routine for every audition that becomes your power habit for long term success
  • The pre-audition, during audition and post-audition strategy
  • What the panel are looking for in the interview chat piece of the audition
  • Turning mistakes into opportunities
  • How to use every audition to increase rather than deplete your self confidence and belief

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2023
Time: 6.00-9.00pm
Location: The Actors’ Guild at Spotlight, Leicester Square, London

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